Termites are called silent destroyers and are responsible for 1 to 2 billion dollars in damage in an average year.  Most damage is not covered by a homeowners insurance policy.

Termite infestations can go undetected until obvious signs of damage occur.  Termites over time may cause significant damage to our homes and sometimes causing structural integrity issues. Preventative plans are available to prevent and protect your home before termites infest and cause unwanted damage. 

You may see only a small amount of damage but there may be more damage beneath the surface.  For example, if a hardwood floor is damaged termites likely have infested the subfloor and supports beneath.

However, if damage does not affect your home’s structure, your family’s experience at home can still be impacted by ruined walls, furniture, or flooring. Whether your termite damage is structural or aesthetic, immediate action should be taken before conditions worsen.

Key points termites may cause structural damage in a house – support beams, wall studs, floor joists, foundations, attics, drywall.

Termites may enter through several areas and can fit through a space as small as 1/16 of an inch.

Common signs of termite infestations are shelter tubes on wood beams. Termites swarm in the early spring and late fall but sometimes may go unseen or can be mis diagnosed with flying ants, so scheduling an inspection to determine correct identification is crucial.

Optimum Pest Control Services offers several plans that are tailored to your home.  A complete comprehensive inspection of your home with best practices will be reviewed with the homeowner and we will help to determine the best treatment plan to help keep your home free from termites.